How to Write a Killer Informative Essay

Writing an informative essay remains part of the college testing process, and the only way out is to familiarize yourself with writing different kinds of compositions. Writing is, therefore, an art every student ought to master. At first, coming up with this type of essay may seem challenging to write but with correct guidance that will change. We break down the process for you and give easy to follow tips to help you create an outstanding piece.

What Is an Informative Essay?

It is one that informs and provides in-depth knowledge about a particular topic. In this kind of paper, you are required to educate your reader on the subject you are working on rather than argue out the matter. Therefore, you need to be familiar with the subject matter. It is also essential that you put out your information in a clear, well-organized manner.

Present the latest research about the topic at hand. Expound on the subject and show its importance. Avoid use of a persuasive tone completely. You can, however, share your thoughts on the matter. Use a formal academic tone rather than a personal one. Remember to keep your write up interesting.

Steps to Follow When Drafting an Essay

Having answered “what is an informative essay?” and looked at what it aims to achieve, it is time we learn how to come up with one. Here are step by step guidelines on how to write an informative essay and enjoy the process while at it.

  • Understand what is required of your assignment

Confirm how the length and writing parameters of your task. Check for any specific instructions given by your instructor. Find out how you are required to cite sources for your paper. Be aware of any specific formatting instructions. The prompt will state whether your work should be handwritten or typed. If it is not clearly stated, use a standard easy to read font. Avoid the use of cute fonts unless you have permission to. Finally, know when your written assignment is due so that you can complete it in good time.

  • Select a topic

If a topic is not given, then you will be required to pick one. Do not be in a rush and take adequate time. Remember to keep the following in mind:

  • Pick a topic that is neither too narrow nor too broad. It would be hard to tackle general topics such as “history of the world” or very narrow subjects like “history of the India Gate.” Writing about “history of India” would, therefore, be a suitable medium.
  • Pick a topic that you have in. It makes it easier for you to handle an essay if you are writing about a topic you are passionate about. It makes the writing process more enjoyable.
  • The subject should appeal to your audience or reader. Think about who will be reading your work. What are they interested in knowing? What do they already know?
  • Carry out adequate research

Having settled on a subject matter to work on, the next step is to do your research. Writing an informative essay requires that you are well in touch with the facts on the topic. Remember, the primary aim of the piece is to inform. Proper research is vital in helping you get the knowledge on the issue at hand. Use reliable information from reliable sources such as scholarly journals, papers, and book. Take caution when using the internet as several sources are unreliable and might provide misleading information.

Ensure that you take notes. Put down the principal and new details. As you do your research and compile your information, keep track of the sources you have used — the name of the author, title, and copyright details.

  • Create an outline

An outline helps you plan your work and be able to present it logically. The overview should not be too broad. State the idea of your thesis in the introduction. Provide the main idea of each paragraph. The outline focuses on the significant views that ought to support your thesis. In conclusion, restate the thesis.

  • Writing the actual essay

With proper research and adequate research, you can now get down to putting together your informative article. Introduce each paragraph with a topic sentence that contains the main idea of the section. Explain your points in detail. Site your pieces of evidence appropriately. Use simple, concise, and appealing language. Ensure that you answer your thesis statement and that your essay possesses good flow of ideas.

  • Proofread your work

Having completed putting down your piece revising it and checking for errors is all there is left to do. Read through your work or have a colleague look at it. Correct any grammar, punctuation, or spelling errors. Correct any instances of tautology also.

Informative Essay Format

There is no specific informative essay format. The informative essay structure used is the basic essay structure. So the essay is arranged in 5 paragraphs comprising the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Let us take a lot at what is contained in each of the sections:

  • Introduction

Should begin by creating a hook to draw the reader’s attention. The introduction should provide relevant background to the theme you are handling. It also gives general information on what one expects to find in the essay. The beginning paragraph also contains the thesis which the central point around which you center your writing.

  • The body

It is divided into about three sections. Each section should contain a point that should be well explained and backed up with facts. Link your points to your thesis statement. Keep in mind that the success of your essay is dependent on how well you defend your thesis. You may also quote journals or bibliographies. Ensure there is good flow between your paragraphs. Basically, in your body, you should make a claim, provide evidence then explain.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion summarizes your writing. Avoid adding new information and more questions. Sum up your work while restating the thesis. Use different wording while still supporting the ideas you have presented in your body.

Informative Essay Thesis

A thesis forms the main discussion of your paper. It is the initial answer to a question. An informative essay thesis is the focus of your discussion. It brings out your main idea without expressing any points of view on the topic. The argument should be clear and easily accessible to your reader.

Informative Essay Topics

As picking a topic might be hard, here are proper informative essay topics you can choose from:

  • The greatest inventions of humankind
  • Modern technology and its impact today
  • The greatest leaders who ever lived
  • Nature protection
  • The issue of immigration
  • Domestic violence in the 21st century
  • Legalization of marijuana
  • Racism in Europe
  • Legalization of same-sex marriages
  • The poorest presidents in history

Now you can comfortably get to writing since you now have the complete guide on writing an informative paper. Are you stuck or caught up with too much school work? Do you find it challenging to write your essay? Essay-writing-services could always help you create an outstanding essay done by qualified writers with high levels of academic qualifications. Hire an online writing service!