How to Create a Killer Comparative Essay?

You will, at a certain point in your college career, be required to draft a comparative paper. Writing often needs practice, and writing a comparative essay requires that you compare and contrast. Your reader ought to have gained better clarity of the nature of items after reading your paper. This article gives guidelines to help one create an exceptional comparative paper.

What is a Comparative Essay?

Before drafting your paper, it is essential to find the answer to “What is a comparative essay?” It is a piece of writing that necessitates the essayist to assess the similarities and dissimilarities amid several themes, theories, texts, or events. Please note that this kind of essay only asks the writer to show the variances and resemblances, unlike an argumentative essay where one has to choose a side. There are no limitations to the scope. Comparative essay topics can cover provided the two items being compared are related.

How to Write a Comparative Essay

Most queries will probe you to ‘contrast and compare’ or to ‘show the ‘parallels and differences.’ Before you ask how to start a comparative essay, you need to comprehend what the paper is all about. It would do no good to write a perfect composition, yet you have not answered the query provided. Take time to go through the essay prompt and understand the precise need of the paper.

Here’s how to put together your essay step by step:

Establish the Foundation of Comparison

Normally, the query lays out the foundation of comparison. However, a broad question may be given. In this case, you will have to identify the specific themes or ideologies you wish to compare. For instance, a query may ask you to compare and contrast the Greek and Roman culture. Here, the question is straightforward. Another instance may require that you compare two European cultures. In such a case, you have to pick the two European cultures that you wish to discuss first.

List Down the Resemblances and Dissimilarities

The next step after ascertaining the basis of contrast is to think about the comparisons and differences there are in the items being compared. Create a list showing how these aspects are similar and how diverse they are from one another. Thoroughly evaluate your list to confirm that only the principal points of comparison are included in your paper.

Decide the Comparative Essay Structure to Use

There are two methods: the block and alternating techniques. The block technique involves putting down all your points for subject A than those of B afterward. Let’s say, a comparison of the Roman and Greek culture using the block technique means that you talk about the Roman culture in the first half of your essay then the Greek culture in the other half. This technique allows for consistency and continuity. It is advantageous when handling comparisons involving more than two items. The alternating technique, on the other hand, handles both things simultaneously. You find similar areas in A and B and discuss them in that order. Most educators prefer it.

Writing the Actual Essay

You have now developed the content for your write up, which is the chief task. It is time to put it all together. The comparative essay format is similar to that of a typical essay. It contains the beginning, body, and conclusion.

  • Introduction

It is the beginning of your paper and creates the first impression to your reader. If your opening is exciting, the reader would want to read further. However, if it is flat and dull, the reader’s interest is lost. Include a brief background of what you intend to write about in your composition. Also, include your thesis in the last sentence of the opening paragraph. The comparative essay thesis ought to reflect on how the subject matters are dissimilar and what likenesses they possess. In some cases, the argument will reflect the relative weight of comparisons and dissimilarities.

  • Body

It is divided into paragraphs and conveys the features of similarity and dissimilarity among the items to your reader. The length of the essay generally depends on the instructions. Sometimes you are restricted to 3 main paragraphs in the body, but other times you have absolute freedom of length.

A topic sentence should present a point. Every section should focus on a single idea. Avoid giving too much or too little information, give just sufficient details. Bring out your points in a direct manner. Use simple language and standard vocabulary. Do not use complicated terminologies that make your content difficult to understand.

  • Conclusion

The ending serves to provide a summary of what you have written. Restate your thesis using a different set of words. Avoid introducing new information. Give a brief synopsis of your comparative essay. The ending is supposed to be a sum of the similarities and dissimilarities and should not be based on your personal preference.

Finally, revise your essay. Check for grammatical, spelling, and pronunciation mistakes you might have made and correct them. Correct any awkward use of words and ensure you have used proper sentence structures. You can also ask your colleague to read through your work and see if they have any useful recommendations.

Comparative Essay Topics

Many subjects can be discussed under comparative compositions. The upside of this is the fact that you can pick a topic on something that you find interesting. Consequently, the writing process is more exciting.

Here are sample topics:

  • The contemporary society vs. the traditional community
  • Employment vs. entrepreneurship
  • Modern vs. alternative medicine
  • Greek vs. Roman mythology
  • Democracy vs. dictatorship
  • Communism vs. conservatism
  • Traditional courting vs. online dating
  • E-books vs. hard copy books
  • Greek vs. Italian architecture
  • Pop music vs. classical music

Using all these tips above, you can comfortably remark that you now know how to write a comparative essay. If you do not fancy writing and would like online help, essay-writing-services would be delighted to write it for you. Our well-qualified writers will draft your paper send it back to you in no time. Feel free to reach out to our writing service at any time.