Exclusive Annotated Bibliography Guideline by Expert Writers

It is quite challenging to write annotated bibliography for most college students. The first thing to remember is citing books. You have to learn the various ways to execute your work well to avoid losing points in the assignment. Everything that you’re doing in school should not be against rules that have been set since if it doesn’t, it might cause you to be disqualified from the assignment, thereby negatively affecting the overall grade score. Luckily, nowadays, there are experts online available ready to assist you. Our company is among them. We have been helping students for years. Therefore, we have the experience that you need.

What Is an Annotated Bibliography? – Definition from Experts

If you are asking yourself “What is an annotated bibliography”? Then here is the answer. It is a citations list of books, articles, and even documents. You have to include a brief of 140 words after writing the citations, as well as a descriptive and evaluative paragraph. What mainly an annotation does is to show that your cited sources are relevant, accurate, and high-quality. Annotations and abstracts tend to differ in various ways. For example, annotations describe the author’s point of view. Abstracts, on the other hand, are summaries which are quite descriptive and you find them in periodical indexes or scholarly journal articles. Most people tend to confuse annotations and abstract, while some tend to think that they are similar. However, that’s not the case.

Procedure on How to Write an Annotated Bibliography Properly

Talking about how to write an annotated bibliography, you have to know that it requires conceptual skills, the right analysis, and proper research.

The thing you have to do is to find and record the citations to periodicals, books, as well as documents which may have enough data and ideas about your chosen topic. Briefly ensure what you examine and thoroughly go through everything. After reviewing, strive to choose works that have a different perspective on the topic you are writing about. Using an appropriate style, cite the document, book, or article. Cite the book, paper or article in the best form possible.

Writing a concise annotation is crucial as it helps to provide a summary of the scope of the central theme of either the book or article that you’ve cited. Also, write sentences that evaluate the author’s authority as well as the intended audience. You can include sentences that offer an evaluation of the background or power of the author, comments on the audience intended for the book. Also, write sentences which contrast or compare the author’s work with another. Finally, explain the insight of the work to the topic.

Best Annotated Bibliography Format Tips from Professional Writers

The annotated bibliography format solely relies on the writing style that has been requested by your tutor. This includes either writing in APA or MLA style. Both of these styles are different.

Ideal APA Annotated Bibliography Formulation to Adhere To

For an APA annotated bibliography format, check out the tips to assist you below:

  • Use one-inch margins on all sides and place them before and after.
  • Double-space the entries
  • Your entries should also be alphabetized
  • Use hanging indents for your citations.

The MLA Annotated Bibliography Structure You Should Strictly Follow

Here is how you should structure the MLA annotated bibliography:

  • In your reference page, including the annotated bibliography or cited works list.
  • The sources that you use should be organized alphabetically. This includes the book title or author, publication date, and subject.
  • In the annotations, don’t use more than one paragraph.

The Chicago Style Annotated Bibliography Writing Style to Follow

Chicago style annotated bibliography has a huge difference compared to the others. Here’s how you should write it. On the top, bottom, and sides, you should use one-inch margins. On top and bottom use one-inch margins, as well all the parties. Font should be Times New Roman 12 point. Don’t forget to double-space the text in your essay. Use left-justified text. Half-inch indent your paragraphs at the start. Use blockquotes as well as hanging indents.

Winning Annotated Bibliography Topics – Overview of Ideas to Consider

If you conduct research properly, you can find plenty of annotated bibliography topics to write about. Below are some excellent examples:

  • Language apps in-depth review, allow students to learn as well as improve language skills faster.
  • The applications of self-control and the impact they have on your performance daily.
  • You can find gaming apps that you can use to help engage pupils in the education process.
  • The apps that help with parental control. Here you can select several apps that help parents with this.
  • What you learn from Jesus and the Gospels.
  • Impact churches have on the impoverished communities around the globe.
  • Breastfeeding and its impact on the health of the kids.
  • Treatment of depression without medication. Is it possible?
  • Causes of heart attack and how you can avoid the illness.
  • Causes of violence among teenagers.
  • Long-lasting marriages. What are the secrets?
  • Modern television and its impact on society today.
  • The impact of Christianity on western society development.

Topics that we’ve provided above are a mixture of different categories. Items you can think of are in plenty, from books to online content. Ensure that you cite properly and write effectively.

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