5 Tips to Writing an Exceptional Academic Essay

It is almost impossible to complete your high school and secondary education without having to pen an essay. They are a major way of testing. It is therefore prudent that you can create a fantastic piece to ensure your work hits the mark. This form of writing can, at times, be intimidating, but this will not be the case if you can comfortably write one. This article guides you through academic essay writing.

What Is an Academic Essay?

As much as it may seem like a simple question, you must be well aware of its answer. It is a specific writing genre that purposes to persuade readers based on facts, convey new ideas, or present already known information. The types of academic essays include narrative, expository, descriptive, and persuasive essays.

Structuring Academic Essays Made Easy

All papers conform to a particular academic essay format. Usually, it will consist of the introduction, body, and conclusion. Most consist of 5 paragraphs.

Here is the basic academic essay structure and what each part entails:

  • Introduction

It is the beginning of writing and serves to introduce the reader to the topic you are handling. It provides a background to your subject matter. Typically, introductions are not exhaustive but give the readers a rough idea of what the essay is about. It might also show from what angle you aim to approach the subject. Please note that your beginning should not be dull but exciting. The introduction should spark the reader’s interest.

  • The body

The body makes most of the composition. It is divided into paragraphs. Each paragraph should contain a single idea. Introduce them using a topic sentence. There should be a flow between the sections. Using transitional phrases would be a great way of ensuring that their cohesion and consistency. The body gives the reader more clarity on the topic. The ideas in your paragraphs should support the thesis. Do not go out of context as it will discredit your work.

Be careful and include only correct information. Avoid contradicting yourself. Make a claim or present your idea then explain it adequately. After that give evidence to support it so that your point bears more weight. Consistency is critical. Therefore, the paragraphs should be about 5 to 7 sentences; not too short or too long.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion marks the end of your essay. It summarizes the content included in your paper. Ensure that the ending is powerful, just as the beginning was. Refer back your thesis using different wording. Do not introduce new ideas here. Sum up your principal thoughts.

How to Write an Academic Essay

Now that we can comfortably answer ‘what is an academic essay’ and know the general structure let us see how to write the actual essay. We break them down into five simple tips for easy comprehension.

  • Choose a topic

After carefully reading through the essay prompt, you will be able to determine if you are to choose your topic or write on the one provided. In the case that you are to pick a subject for yourself, ensure that it is from an area that interests you. An academic essay topic should also not be too broad as it will be challenging to handle. It should not be too narrow either. Take your time to select a subject. You want to avoid picking a topic that would frustrate you once you start writing.

  • Conduct research

Research is essential for any writing. Proper research equips you with knowledge about the subject. It enables you to pass information correctly and enlighten your reader. A shallow essay may be a result of poor research. Use proper research material and avoid unreliable sources. Reliable sources include books, scholarly articles, journals, and academic papers. Scholarly sources undergo thorough processes before approval and publishing. A lot of research is also done. Some websites on the internet, however, put together scanty and inaccurate information to get a profit. The sources you choose should be up to date. Most of the sources should have been published within the last five to ten years.

  • Create an outline

This an overview of the essay you intend to write. It includes brief explanations for the introduction, body paragraphs, and the ending. Designing a framework is instrumental in helping you plan and organize your work. It also enables you to stay within the scope of the topic. You can arrange your ideas in each paragraph from the most important to the least important.

  • Writing your essay

Having created your outline, it is time to add flesh and come up with a complete paper. Present your points in detail, use proper grammar, punctuate your work as required, and use correct spelling. Since this is academic writing, you are expected to articulate your points in the appropriate language. Choose your words properly. If your academic writing is persuasive, then use language that makes the reader agree with your viewpoint. The words you use should accurately convey information. Always cite the sources from which you drew your information. You can use APA, Chicago, or MLA depending on the instructions provided. Remember to list the sources you have used at the very end of your paper. Also, do not lift work from your sources. Be creative and do not copy and paste. Plagiarism highly discredits your work. In the case that you have been instructed to use a specific font, ensure you do so. If not, then use a clear font such as Times New Roman.

  • Edit your essay

Your essay is almost ready. The last step is to proofread your work. Look out for any spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors and make necessary corrections. Remove any instances of tautology. Also, ensure that there are no factual errors. Use formal language, avoid slang and contractions.

Your academic paper is now completed. You now know how to write an academic essay. Who thought it could be that easy.

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